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The Backcountry Ski Atlas is a zone-specific backcountry skiing and snowboarding guidebook loaded with high quality aerial photos, route information, trailhead and access beta and terrain tips. This is an essential tool for planning your tour and works in tandem with the Backcountry Ski Map and App.


The Backcountry Ski Map is the waterproof, tear-proof map that goes in your pocket or pack on every tour. Access, approaches, descents, avalanche information and public/private land communications are all included on this beautifully drawn topographical map to accompany the Atlas and App.


Download the RAKKUP app for free, then purchase the App for your ski zone. This puts the aerial photos, route descriptions and topo maps on your phone. Downloadable for offline use and GPS navigation. The App is the final tool you need to plan and execute your tour and works with the Atlas and Map.

Curious About Our Digital Guidebooks?

We have been working with the RAKKUP app for years and are excited to announce that you can now purchase the Digital Guidebook (App) for each of our zones HERE on our website. Learn more about how it works in the video below. 

Get Prepared

Refresh Your Avalanche Education Skills

"Fortune favors the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

Avalanche Search & Rescue;
A Backcountry Field Guide

By Alexis Alloway

A backcountry field guide to help you be the best, most prepared team member possible. A durable, compact tool to help you remember everything you've learned.
"It covers everything from planning and risk management, snow analysis to search techniques, medical help and rigging. I definitely recommend this book to anybody heading to the backcountry." - Seattle Search and Rescue

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