Our safety-oriented customers are your adventurous audience.

Based on a recent customer survey, the average Beacon Guidebooks reader is a middle-aged male with 10+ years of experience in the backcountry. Each guidebook is seen by an average of 3 people per season. These long-lasting guidebooks are sure to strike your target market. Please contact us at info@beaconguidebooks.com with any inquiries or to request a media kit.

Be a part of the Beacon Guidebooks experience!

Each year, more skiers enter the backcountry. Our unique guidebooks offer a hands-on approach to planning and executing the perfect(ly safe) day on the skin track. With an increasing number of people joining the backcountry community every day, we know how important it is for every skier to return home.

Who looks at our books?

He’s the engineer on a hut trip, the college student hungry for exploration or the 50 year-old tourist on a guided tour. She’s a Denver girl on an avalanche safety course or a 30 year-old natural food pioneer in her secret stash. Off-Piste skiers are a diverse group of people from many different places. Viewers of the book and website also include the friends and family of the backcountry skier. These books also make the perfect holiday season gift!

Off-Piste Ski Atlas is a new type of guidebook.

  • Simple, portable and durable.
  • Stunning aerial photographs of ski terrain.
  • The most important information a skier needs to go into the backcountry.