“In short, whether you’re an old vet like me or a Crested Butte Newbie, the Off-Piste Ski Atlas deserves a look and a place on your bookshelf, if not your pack.” -14erskiers.com

Have you ever felt disoriented while skiing in the backcountry? Have you ever wondered what that ski run would be like just a little to the skiers’ right? Have you ever wanted to go backcountry skiing in a part of the mountains you are visiting but don’t know any locals who can take you there?

A high quality aerial photograph is an extremely helpful tool for backcountry ski travel, providing

  • Orientation: You know what is above and below you.
  • Decision: You can venture into nearby terrain if your favorite run is tracked up or dangerous.
  • Safety: You see the way avalanches have historically behaved, and you can provide your specific location to others in the case of emergency.

Off-Piste Ski Atlas is the essential photographic guidebook for backcountry skiing.

This lightweight, durable book offers up the best backcountry terrain in each location. Maps of the region, aerial photographs of each ski run and legend keys are designed to give the user the most pertinent information for riding the goods safely and wisely. Unlike many other guidebooks, it is light, compact and durable enough to take with you on your adventures for on-the-spot decision making.