• A backcountry field guide to help us be the best, most prepared team member possible. A durable, compact tool to help us remember everything we've learned! Leadership, risk management, search strategies, shoveling, medical, patient packaging, rigging, and quick reference cards for the many details involved in a backcountry avalanche rescue. From risk assessment checklists, to helicopter protocols; from managing human factors to strategic shoveling, Alexis Alloway makes sure you have the most up-to-date, best practices in a quick reference tool that is both beautiful and accurate.
    • Study up early in the season as you transition out of summer
    • Refresh yourself mid-season, before or after taking or teaching a class
    • Pull out of your pack to double-check your knots and snowpack tests or to jot down field notes
    • Waterproof, tear resistant
    • For professionals AND recreationalists
    • Dimensions: 5.5" wide X  7" tall X  0.5" thick. Weight: 5 oz
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  • With over two decades of experience, author Rob Writz has delivered a book that is accessible to every type of skier for one of the most iconic backcountry skiing zones in Colorado.


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