Backcountry Skiing: Berthoud Pass Colorado- 2nds

Backcountry Skiing: Berthoud Pass Colorado- 2nds


THIS BOOK IS A SECOND AND WILL HAVE COSMETIC DAMAGES! It may be a crooked cover or a bent corner, but the book is still fully functional with the same information as full priced books. Only a handful of each book, so get ’em while they’re hot!



Author and founder of Front Range Ski Mountaineering (, Rob Writz has put his breadth of knowledge into this guidebook. After years  of experience on Berthoud Pass, Writz shares the details of the goods and steeps.

Beacon Guidebooks newest release boasts big lines, mellow day tours and everything in between. Every skier can find suitable terrain for their experience and style in this guidebook. Featuring aerial photos, avalanche terrain ratings, slope angle, aspect and other important information, this is more than just a guidebook. It’s a decision making tool.

This atlas covers the following zones:

  • Pumphouse Basin North & South
  • West Side
  • Mt. Russel
  • No Name
  • Floral Park
  • East Side
  • Hell’s Half Acre
  • Mines Peak
  • Upper & Lower 80s and 90s
  • Hidden Knoll
  • Hidden Knoll South
  • 110s
  • Upper 110s
  • Second Creek Ridge East & West
  • Second Creek Headwall
  • First Creek Ridge