Backcountry Skiing: Snoqualmie Pass Washington- 2nds

Backcountry Skiing: Snoqualmie Pass Washington- 2nds


THIS BOOK IS A SECOND AND WILL HAVE COSMETIC DAMAGES! It may be a crooked cover or a bent corner, but the book is still fully functional with the same information as full priced books. Only a handful of each book, so get ’em while they’re hot!



Backcountry Skiing: Snoqualmie Pass is the guidebook for one of the best zones in Washington.

What’s in the premier edition?

  • Waterproof, tear resistant paper.
  • GPS Coordinates. Trailheads, approaches, and landmarks will all have GPS coordinates for you to lock into your device.
  • Avalanche Information. Schonwald, an American Avalanche Association instructor, addresses each zone’s terrain as it relates to avalanche hazards. You’ll see references to slope angles, terrain traps, convexities, and other hazards to keep in mind on each given zone.

This atlas covers the following zones:

  • Granite Mountain
  • Humpback Mountain
  • Silver Peak
  • Source Lake
  • Snow Lake
  • Wright & Roosevelt
  • Phantom
  • Snoqualmie Mountain North
  • Commonwealth West
  • Commonwealth East
  • Kendall Adventure West
  • Kandall Adventure Central
  • Rampart Ridge
  • Cold Creek
  • Roaring Ridge
  • Mt. Catherine
  • Twin Lakes