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Plan, Navigate, and Share

Now you can get all of the Beacon Guidebooks regions for backcountry skiing in one GPS mapping app, for the price of $29.99/year. Beacon Guidebooks has partnered with onX Backcountry to introduce the next era of the digital ski guidebook. This partnership pairs thousands of Beacon ski lines, organized by ski regions and zones throughout Colorado and Washington state, with onX’s conditions data, tour planning, and offline maps, to provide the ultimate backcountry ski mapping experience. 

All ski zones in one app

OnX Backcountry has partnered with Beacon Guidebooks to provide unparalleled access to popular backcountry ski routes with just one yearly membership.

interactive 3D maps

With onX Backcountry you can visualize your tour with 3D Maps of your favorite backcountry areas. View routes, slope angle, slope aspect, and more in 3D.

Optimal Route Planning

Plan your trips in the app or on a desktop in combo with the guidebook and map, then share your Waypoints, Tracks, and other Markups with your friends.

Loads of Features

With onX Backcountry, you’ll get eleven (and counting) Beacon Guidebooks, plus:

Backcountry Ski & Splitboard Routes

View Beacon Guidebook routes in onX Backcountry. Featuring guidebook quality descriptions, photos, and route information, onX Backcountry can help you find your next line.

Avalanche Reports & Observations

OnX Backcountry has partnered with avalanche centers to show daily avalanche forecasts, avalanche observations, and historic avalanche fatalities.

Slope Angle & Aspect Maps

Use Slope Angle and Slope Aspect shading to evaluate the terrain you will be touring in. Utilize Slope Angle and Aspect in conjunction with the day’s avalanche report to plan a safer tour.

3D Maps

Visualize your objective in 3D with onX Backcountry. Explore backcountry zones in stunning detail, view waypoints, tracks, and terrain features in 3D before hitting the skin track.

Offline Maps

Offline Maps allow you to view detailed maps and your current location without the need for cell service. Download offline maps before you head out on your next tour.


View current snow depth, temperatures, and 24 hr accumulations from Snotel sites in the backcountry to optimize your powder day.

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