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Our guidebooks, maps and apps are the ultimate decision-making tools for backcountry skiing and riding.
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Eight Backcountry Books to add to your Collection

Books, those paper relics Gen Z skiers may have scant experience with, retain an innate ability to transport us from our reality to another. For tomes focused on the outdoors, that may be doubly true, as they depict in stark detail the mountains and experiences of other parts of the world. We here at Backcountry Magazine love a good book, whether it contains essays on the outdoors, photos from a lifetime spent in the mountains, or beta for our next trip.

Meet Andrew Sovick

CanvasRebel is built on recommendations from the community; it’s how we uncover hidden gems. In this episode, we chat with Andy Sovick and learn about how he built Beacon Guidebooks.

Beacons of Knowledge

Will Bredza takes a deep dive into Beacon's story: A decade after his first backcountry skiing atlas, Andy Sovick’s Beacon Guidebooks are mapping terrain better than ever before.

Squeak goes on backcountry ski adventure in new book

The Gunnison Country times takes a look at the new children’s story by local author and illustrator that teaches avalanche safety and inspires bravery.

From Longs Peak to Hidden Valley: Guide’s book breaks down skiing Rocky Mountain National Park’s backcountry

Meg Soyars of Sky Hi News interviews author Mike Soucy about his new book and offers loads of links to useful resources for skiing in The Park.

How Backcountry Ski Guidebooks Get Written

Martin Kuprianowicz interviews two authors of newly released backcountry skiing guidebooks, Matt Gunn and Lou Dawson, to find out their secrets for success and what drives them.

Blister Podcast

On Guidebooks and Decision Making in the Backcountry

Sales of backcountry guide books are up, and more and more people are venturing out. So we talked with Andy about how he got into publishing guide books; why he actually dislikes the term “guide books”; whether or not backcountry guide books should even exist; the responsibilities that come with publishing them; why Andy is an advocate of the “ATES” system (Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale); and more.

Blister Podcast

Lou Dawson: Ski Mountaineer, founder, & Author

Lou Dawson is a ski mountaineer, founder of, author, and the first person to ski down all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. We discuss all of the above; the history and current state of backcountry skiing; and his new guidebook, Light Tours of Colorado: Mellow Backcountry Ski Routes to Minimize Avalanche Exposure, published by Beacon Guidebooks.

A New Guidebook Explores the Best Beginner Backcountry Skiing Terrain in Colorado

Ski mountaineer and author Lou Dawson updated his definitive roundup of the state’s mellowest routes following the recent surge of out-of-bounds snow adventurers.

Following a historic Colorado avalanche season, pros and entrepreneurs create new tools for safer backcountry travel

A new podcast, a rescue sled, an avalanche education app and a guidebook offering mellow tours are some recent innovations offered by Colorado skiers after last year's deadly avalanche season.

WYSAW 2021: Alexis Alloway presents a New Backcountry Field Guide for Avalanche Rescue

Alexis Alloway is the author of Avalanche Search and Rescue: A Backcountry Field Guide. A professional member of the American Avalanche Association, she has been teaching avalanche education courses since 2006, including for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), the Northwest Avalanche Center, Everett Mountain Rescue, Big Sky Backcountry Guides, and the Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center. She served as a volunteer mountain rescuer for nearly a decade, with roles including Winter Training Coordinator, board member, Operations Leader and Field Team Leader. A professional outdoor and classroom-based educator for nearly two decades, Alexis excels at simplifying complex information and giving students tools to make information stick.

Seven Outdoor Books to add to your Library

Outdoor publishers filled bookstore shelves with new titles at the end of last year with narrative nonfiction, detailed guidebooks and skills guides. For rest days and trip planning, these books have you covered.