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We bring backcountry ski route planning to a whole new level.

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Tool #1) The Off-Piste Ski Atlas Series is a guidebook loaded with aerial photos, route information and avalanche terrain tips.

Tool #2) The Backcountry Ski Map Series is a waterproof, tearproof, map that fits in your pocket. Access, approaches, descents, avalanche information, and public/private land communications are all included on a beautifully drawn topographical map. This is the kind of simple tool that could make the difference between an overnight disaster, or just a near miss.

Tool #3) The Rakkup App. Download the app for free on your phone, then select one of our locations from Rakkup’s bookshelf. This puts the aerial photos, route descriptions, and topo map on your phone. Downloadable for offline use and GPS navigation.

Rakkup App | Each atlas on your phone

Zoom in on your next tour by downloading a guidebook on Rakkup.

Download the free Rakkup app on your mobile device using the links below for access to the bookshelf.

Uphills and Light Tours, Baker, Crested Butte and Silverton are now fully digital. Snoqualmie Pass coming soon!

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