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Light Tours of Tahoe, California + Nevada


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Mellow Backcountry Ski Routes to Minimize Avalanche Exposure.

A professional and detailed backcountry ski guidebook by Richard Bothwell for the iconic Tahoe area with 64 routes accessible to a wide range of skiers and riders.

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With its combination of playful terrain and plentiful snow, the Tahoe Sierra is reputed as one of the best ski touring regions in North America. While extreme skiing abounds in the Tahoe area, many people have an interest in finding enjoyable terrain for making turns while avoiding high-consequence avalanche slopes. Enter this first edition guidebook focused on the mellow side of ski touring by experienced guide and avalanche educator, Richard Bothwell, with foreword by Cody Townsend.

With routes spanning the Lake Tahoe region from Interstate 80/Castle Peak in the north to Carson Pass in the south, there are enough tours to last you many seasons of exploration. Whether these mellower tours serve you as a way to get out on a higher-danger day, or as a way to introduce new friends to backcountry skiing, you’ll find that low-angle routes are a great arrow in your quiver. In this guide, you’ll find high-quality aerial photos marked with ascent and descent indicators, individual run descriptions, slope angles, aspect, Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) ratings, parking and trailhead information, and more in a lightweight book that can fit in your pack.

Explore with a new ski partner, try something new, concentrate on the exercise and fresh air, and most of all, be proud you’ve chosen a sustainable style of ski touring you can enjoy for decades. 

This 5.5” x 8.5” spiral-bound book covers the following zones: Castle Peak, Johnson Canyon, Sunrise Bowl, Skislope, Boca Hill, Mount Judah, Bradley Hut, Brockway Summit, Incline Lake Peak, Tamarack Peak, Chickadee Ridge North, Chickadee Ridge South, Rubicon Peak, Tahoe Mountain, Mini Trimmer, Angora Ridge, Echo Lake + Becker, Ralston Peak, Waterhouse North, Waterhouse South, Meiss South, Meiss North, Elephant’s Hump, Round Top, Kirkwood + Caples

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Lou Dawson
Lou Dawson@wildsnow
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"This is the kind of publication that helps you arrive cold as an out-of-towner, find the “skinners” and have at it while pounding fluffy Colorado pow and laughing at the over-priced ski lifts."
West Elk Project
West Elk Project@westelkproject
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"It neatly lays out the elevations, descent lengths, aspects, trailhead directions, winter maintenance and parking info, snowmobile access, skin tracks, and exit info. That combined with helpful photos, give backcountry travelers a very good idea of what is going on."
Frank Konsella
Frank Konsella@14erskiers
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"Sovick’s book contains established skin tracks, preferred routes, etiquette, and notes on terrain traps, gullies and avalanche paths. It also assumes all users are trained in avalanche avoidance and rescue, and includes AIARE’s “Communication Checklist,” which includes tips for facilitating teamwork and good decision-making."
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"These books are great for quick references, re-capping tours and pre-planning. They are small and light and pack well too."
BeauOn the Light Tours of Colorado Ski Atlas
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"A well composed guidebook with lots of great suggestions, many of which I have already skied."
ReginaOn the Crystal Mountain Book
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"Gifted this to my son at Christmas. He loved it! And it exceeded his expectations."
MasonOn the Snoqualmie Pass Ski Atlas
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"I want to thank you for making the best ski guidebooks out there. Your books are a big reason why I’m able to explore the backcountry around Snoqualmie Pass."