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Squeak! Goes Backcountry Skiing


Follow Squeak the mouse as she goes on a surprise ski adventure and saves the day in this inspiring and delightfully illustrated kids’ book. Learn about making safe choices and being a team player. A great gift for kids who love the snow!


Squeak lives in the subnivean zone, under the snow. Life is pretty ordinary for our friend until she walks into a skier’s backpack and is taken on a backcountry ski adventure. Scared but not alone, Squeak meets other animals that try to console her and teach her about this wonderful sport. The skiers are unsure how to best avoid avalanche danger and Squeak needs to help them make an important decision. Will she face her fears and save the day? Teach your child about backcountry skiing, overcoming challenges and the winter mountain environment with this ages two-to-adult children’s book.

By D. Scott Borden | Illustrated by Mallory Logan

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