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Backcountry Sled-Skiing Buffalo Pass, Colorado


With the knowledge and precision of a professional, author Stephen Bass has delivered a high-quality guidebook that is accessible to every type of skier.

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Buffalo Pass, nestled in the Park Range near Steamboat Springs, is the mecca for snowmobile-access backcountry skiing in the Rockies. Boasting some of the best tree skiing around and world-class powder, this area offers mellow terrain to tight and technical lines. In this compact and lightweight guidebook, ski guide and snow geek Stephen Bass has put his breadth of knowledge into creating a solid communication and planning tool for all users.

In this professional and detailed guide you’ll find high-quality aerial photos marked with ascent and descent indicators, individual run descriptions, slope angles, aspect, Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale ratings, parking and trailhead information and more. Designed to go along with you on your tours and accompany the Backcountry Skiing Buffalo Pass Ski Map and Ski App.

This 5.5” x 8.5” spiral-bound book covers the following zones: Dry Lake, Quaker Bowl, Fiesta, K9, Big Poppa, The Cabin, The Kingdom, Double A’s, Funhouse, Microburst, Pocket Rockets, Lucky’s Landing, Buffalo Mountain, Galaxy Drop, Forester’s Aspens, Fear and Loathing, Moose Junction, In the Frey (East & West), South Park Ridge, Zohan Point, AC/DC, Davenport, Pueblo, Volcanic Ridge, Lone Stag, Schrute Farms, and Carnival.


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Lou Dawson
Lou Dawson@wildsnow
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"This is the kind of publication that helps you arrive cold as an out-of-towner, find the “skinners” and have at it while pounding fluffy Colorado pow and laughing at the over-priced ski lifts."
West Elk Project
West Elk Project@westelkproject
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"It neatly lays out the elevations, descent lengths, aspects, trailhead directions, winter maintenance and parking info, snowmobile access, skin tracks, and exit info. That combined with helpful photos, give backcountry travelers a very good idea of what is going on."
Frank Konsella
Frank Konsella@14erskiers
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"Sovick’s book contains established skin tracks, preferred routes, etiquette, and notes on terrain traps, gullies and avalanche paths. It also assumes all users are trained in avalanche avoidance and rescue, and includes AIARE’s “Communication Checklist,” which includes tips for facilitating teamwork and good decision-making."
GriffOn the Berthoud Pass Ski Atlas
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"These books are great for quick references, re-capping tours and pre-planning. They are small and light and pack well too."
BeauOn the Light Tours of Colorado Ski Atlas
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"A well composed guidebook with lots of great suggestions, many of which I have already skied."
ReginaOn the Crystal Mountain Book
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"Gifted this to my son at Christmas. He loved it! And it exceeded his expectations."
MasonOn the Snoqualmie Pass Ski Atlas
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"I want to thank you for making the best ski guidebooks out there. Your books are a big reason why I’m able to explore the backcountry around Snoqualmie Pass."